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Leaving. 01-21-06 12:39
Will be back by Wednesday... gah... bus trip... *wild images run through mind* yeah... mountain dew.
*gasp* 01-10-06 09:40
I almost died. *gasp* but, obviously, I didn't.
Get fat. That's all I suggest.
Bored. Bored. 11-12-05 09:38
I have nothing good to do today... I don't work. I don't have school. It's not like I am interested in hanging out with anyone. Hm. Maybe I'll go to the store with my mom. I dunno.
Anyone see the crazy chick that robbed a bank while having a conversation on her cell phone. I thought that was pretty funny. :) Who knows if it's true though. All we have is the word of the media *GASP*
Dress Shopping 11-02-05 14:36
It sucks! I am trying to find a rodder dress... but I can't. It sucks. The one dress I have is too big for me... I am not really complaining about that, especially since that's a sure sign that I've lost weight. (Or does that mean the dress shrunk?)

Hopefully, I can find something by friday because that's when I need it.
At least, I believe so. The only happy ending I will have is when I am dead and living in Heaven (if I make it there!). Shoot.

I hate guys... well... some of them. I actually love guys, I just hate the ones that treat me like s***

the sad sad story of my life. I rely waaay too much on guys.
First post 10-29-05 11:34
Ello all fellow bloggies... I am new here and thought I'd introduce myself.

Ello, I am Serenity.

Ok, I am finished.
Hello, 10-29-05 11:35
I didn't actually post this. The site did for me. So I don't feel oblighed to introduce myself twice... I changed it... he he... *evil grin*